Women's Shoes



Introducing Women's HEYDUDE Shoes

Say hello to your new go-to pair of shoes. Women’s HEYDUDE shoes are designed to be as comfortable as your couch on a Sunday and as cute as your ‘fit the Saturday before. Because, call us crazy, but we think comfortable women’s shoes don’t need to look prehistoric. We’re bringing soft, pillowy comfort into the 21st century and right onto your feet. 

Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Shoes

What makes our women’s shoes comfort masters, you ask? It all lies in our innovative, lightest-weight design. Between their breathable cotton-canvas uppers, ultra-light soles, and easy-on laces, our thoughtfully crafted shoes lift you up—instead of bringing your weight and your vibes down. So whether you’re trotting to the local plant-filled café or kicking it cute and casual at the dining hall, every step, pivot, and pose feels as pleasing as it looks. 

Style Meets Comfort 

But let’s talk about style for a second, because let’s face it—comfort can only take a girl so far. We’re putting an end to that far-and-wide women’s shoes search for a pair that checks the cozy and cute boxes. But we’re taking it one step further. Our women’s shoes collection contains dozens of colors, styles, and options to choose from. So as your vibe changes throughout the week and your personal style evolves throughout the year, you’ve got the kicks to match. 

The Wendy: A Fan-Favorite Style

We’d be remiss not to mention our fan-favorite style, Miss Wendy. An ultra-soft, cotton canvas low-top moc, she’s cool, casual, and cute without trying (how does she do it?!). She traverses the campus in effortless style, seemingly carried by the air around her as she floats from lecture hall to lecture hall. She’s your favorite classmate, your go-to adventure buddy, and your most trusted friend. With Wendy by your side (or, rather, on your feet), you can do anything—period. 

A Variety of Styles to Choose From

But Wendy isn’t the only style slaying the day on and off campus. You’ll find a whole crew of comfy-cozy slip-ons, sneakers, sandals, platforms, and boots. Trudging to class in the middle of winter? Throw on a snuggly Britt or Denny boot. Taking spring break by storm with the besties? Traverse from the beach to the bar in the best women's sandals in town. 

Got a summer internship or on-campus job? We designed a line of women's shoes for work that let you show off your personal style when business-casual calls. They’re oh-so comfortable for all-day wear, whether you’re standing at an espresso machine for 8 hours straight or perfecting the art of showing your boss how to use TikTok. Again.

Sparkling Classics: Add a Bit of Sparkle to Your Step

At some point or another, word got out that we’ve been designing chic, comfortable, can’t-believe-they’re-not-orthopedic women’s shoes. But we thought, why not celebrate our supportive, stylish shoes with a bit of sparkle? Introducing the Sparkly Shoes collection. These shimmery shoes are for the girls who like to add a little spritz to their step—like a fizzy champagne cocktail for your feet. 

Monochrome Classics: A Collection for Color-Loving Girlies

Where are our color-loving girlies at? Get ready to indulge in our vibrant Monochrome Shoes collection. Designed with you in mind, these shoes offer a wide range of solid colors to suit your vibrant personality. Whether you're strolling the city streets, hitting the beach, or adding a pop of color to your everyday style, our Monochrome Classics will become your go-to companions. Step into a world of colorful possibilities and express your true self with HEYDUDE Monochrome Classics.

Boho Festival Classics: Perfect for Music Festival Weekends

Speaking of tie-dye, our Boho Festival Classics collection outfits you for that next stunning music festival weekend. (Hello, Coachella!) Trust us on this: you don’t want to end up in uncomfortable shoes at a festival for 12 hours straight. Keep the good vibes going strong in a vibrant, comfortable style in one of our many breezy options. And when the stages clear, let your HEYDUDE shoes carry you into the afterparties to show off your unforgettable charm. 

Warm Neutrals: Find Your Next Go-Anywhere Shoe

Looking for a not-so-basic basic? Find your next go-anywhere shoe in our tried-and-true neutrals. For the classic hoodie-and-joggers 'fit, the Sunday morning walk with your favorite podcast host, or the trip to Trader Joe's for that serendipitous encounter, our Warm Neutral Shoes collection has got you covered. They are the perfect companions to leggings, joggers, sweats, shorts, or jeans, and they are guaranteed to turn heads and spark curiosity. Get ready for people to ask you, "Where did you get those?!" Our Warm Neutrals collection is here to elevate your style and keep your feet looking fashionable and comfortable.

Affordable and Trendy: Shop HEYDUDE Women’s Shoes Today

Shop our affordable, stylish selection of comfortable women’s shoes today. Check out our new women's shoe arrivals for the latest favorites, or see what’s trending any time of year. Our designers keep up with up-to-the-minute trends in footwear fashion, so you can kiss long hours of scrolling and Instagram ad trolling au revoir. Trend-setting shoes are just a click away. 

Shopping on a budget? We got you! Shop our women's shoes on sale section for impeccable styles that make wiggle room for your feet and your wallet. 

Because at the end of the day, they’re not just shoes. They lift you off the ground, carry you when you need support, and toss you above the crowd to surf over the encore. Women’s HEYDUDE shoes are you, with a boost.