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Step Out In Style With HEYDUDE's Men's Dress Casual Shoes

At HEYDUDE, we know that all men are created equally—but we can’t say the same about dress shoes for men. A quality dude like you deserves quality. That's why we’re here. We got you. 

When it comes to men’s dress casual shoes, finding the right balance of comfort and style isn’t easy. You’ve got places to go, people to meet, things to do. You need a pair of shoes that will keep pace with you, whether you’re breaking it down at a wedding or catching up with friends over beers at that new bar you’ve been meaning to try out after hours. 

You need that shoe that's got you. A shoe that makes you feel good sun-up to sun-down, from the morning commute to happy hour and every moment in between. A shoe helps you stand out for all the right reasons—and never cramps your style. 

Effortless Style With an Easy-On System

All of our shoes feature an Easy-On System with elastic laces so you can slip on your pair of HEYDUDE shoes like a glove. Of course, you can slip them off like a glove, too, but with this much comfort, you’ll be looking for any reason not to take them off. 

Shoes for Every Foot Size

When it comes to size, we’ve got our bases covered. Our men’s dress casual shoes generally start at a size 7 and run all the way up to a size 15. Depending on the shoe you choose, we’ve even got some size 6 and size 16 shoes. Hey Dude dress shoes are for every dude.


You know that feeling when you’ve had a long day and you can’t wait to sit down, kick off your shoes, and just chill? Yeah, now imagine that magical feeling when you go to put those shoes on instead. Because that's exactly what it feels like every time you slip on a pair of Pauls, one of our best-sellers inspired by the iconic moc. These, gentlemen, are HEYDUDE’s quintessential men’s dress casual shoes—perfect for work and play, pre-game and post-game. 

Designed for rugged dudes with a soft side for comfort and ease on the go—rain or shine—the Paul keeps out the elements with a water-resistant, recycled leather exterior, higher cuff, and ultra-grip outsole that keeps you secure and on solid footing. Underneath that protective exterior—your foot armor, if you will—you’ll find nothing but comfort. With a soft, stretch-cotton lining interior and soft leather upper for the ultimate cozy feel, you’re good to go all day long. Heck, you can keep going all night, too. 

You may be facing the elements. And yeah, you definitely want to be comfortable. But the Paul combines all those practical elements you need in a good men’s casual shoe and elevates them with of-the-moment color options (Nut, Grey, and Desert) and fashionable suede detailing. Because even the most practical dudes appreciate a little refinement from time to time. 

No matter what comes your way, you’ll be in control of your day in a pair of Pauls. When you have class and comfort in a single shoe, you’ll always start your ensemble—and your day—on the right foot. The next time you’re about to head out that front door and ask yourself, “Dress shoe or casual shoe?” you can answer it with a single word: Paul. 

Kob Sox

Want to mix things up? The Kob Sox is another one of our all-time favorites when it comes to shoes for men. 

The Kob Sox gives you all the power when you’re deciding whether to dress up or dress down. This dress shoe combines the comfort of a sneaker with a slick, minimalistic design that will have people complimenting your kicks. (Maybe even asking where they can pick up a pair.)

Navigate your day with ease, from the workplace to wherever your after-hours adventures may lead, thanks to the ultralight outsole and an ultra-comfortable woven stretch knit that maximizes support for every stride. Whether you’re going out on a first date or want to look sharp socializing with other pet parents at the dog park, Kob Sox will keep you going long after you’ve answered your last email of the day.

Experience the comfy fit of a men’s casual shoe with a fresh, clean look that's sharpened by cuff detailing for a sophisticated edge. A bit sophisticated, a bit chilled out, totally you. Available in Redwood, Aegean, and Cloud in sizes 6 through 16, Kob Sox fit every outfit and every occasion. Pair Aegean with camel cords or slip-on Cloud with your summer whites. These streamlined shoes add low-key style season after season.  


In the market for something that tells the world “dress shoe,” but soothingly whispers “casual shoe” to your feet all day long? Check out the Brixton. Featuring Flex & Fold Technology, the Brixton has a faux leather upper that gives this dress shoe a polished and sophisticated look that's perfect for the office. Like other shoes in our men's dress casual line, the Brixton features an Easy-On System so you can spend less time tying laces and more time going places. 

Brixtons are the ultimate trendsetters in men's casual dress shoes, available in Basalt, Coal, and Shale. Cool and comfortable? Yes, please. The Coal is youthful and has a fresh, electric vibe to it. The Basalt has more of a calm, earthy vibe (think: a yoga studio for your feet). And the cool tones of the Shale says, “Hey, you. You see this guy? He’s going places, and I’m gonna help get him there.” 

Paul Chambray

And how could we not mention the Paul Chambray? This is the perfect shoe for one of those days. You know. The kind where you wake up early only to discover 20 notifications from work on your phone. With an ultra-grip outsole and a slightly higher, cushioned ankle collar for comfort, the Paul Chambray will help you get where you need to go. Looking effortlessly dashing as you’re dashing out the door? Big win. 

Paul Chambrays are the perfect hybrid of men’s casual and dress shoes, and they're available in three colors: Navy, Moonrock, and Iron. No matter which shade you choose, you’ll step up to the plate (or the party) with an air of understated sophistication. But what else would you expect from a pair of comfy, cool HEYDUDE dress shoes?

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