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Comfortable and Stylish Men’s Casual Shoes

If you’re on the hunt for your most comfortable go-to pair of shoes, you’ve arrived at your destination. Make yourself at home—take off those worn-out shoes, grab a drink from the fridge, and kick your feet up. 

We’re glad you’re here. We’ve seen you walking around town looking totally cool and crushing the game and helping old ladies cross the street. You’re a certified dapper gentleman. And that kind of G.O.A.T? Deserves the greatest shoes of all time. 

HEYDUDE casual shoes give guys like you the support they deserve and the comfort they crave. But you wouldn’t know by looking at them. Instead of bulky toes, blocky construction, and orthopedic gel soles you might find in other “comfort shoes,” Hey Dude shoes look cool, slick, and sharp with any outfit. 

How are comfortable and stylish men’s shoes possible? We’re so glad you asked. A few founding pillars materialize such remarkable men’s casual shoes. The first is Flex & Fold Technology. Then, there are the physics-defying, lightweight bottoms. Next, the breathable textile uppers and lining. And to tie them all together, the innovative Easy-On, elastic-lace system. 

The Wally

To walk you through the details, we’d love to introduce you to Wally, the man (cough: shoe design) that started it all. Wally is HEYDUDE shoes go-to guy. The first of his kind. The trendsetter that started the comfort-meets-style movement. The original Wally design invites breathable chambray, tie-free elastic laces, pillowy arch support, and ultra-lightweight soles to the party to inspire hours of ache-free, sweat-free comfort. 

The Flex & Fold Technology built into every HEYDUDE pair of shoes empowers your every step. Whether you’re rocking a slower gait or touting a quick-city stride, HEYDUDE sneakers flex and bend to meet your needs. The Flex & Fold bottoms bend and contract to match your natural arch movements and anticipate where you need support, delivering pain-free wear for hours. 

The lightweight outsoles on HEYDUDE shoes also drum up quite a buzz. Don’t let their good looks deceive you. At first glance, the white, flat soles may look too stylish to be comfortable or lightweight. But wearing it is believing. Our proprietary foam construction makes way for pillow-soft bottoms that feel as soft and cushy as clouds. The only thing you’ll question is, where else can I wear these shoes? Or, is it acceptable to wear sneakers to bed? 

While marshmallowy bottoms make for an impeccably lightweight shoe, breathable textiles add lasting comfort and all-day wearability. Premium materials like cotton, polyester, chambray, and canvas form uppers as sturdy as they are breezy. With these high-quality, durable fabric uppers, your feet will keep cool in the summer and insulated in the winter. Plus, they’re ultra-flexible, which ensures generous wiggle room for wiggly toes or swollen post-work feet. 

When it comes to features, we hate to choose favorites. That said, we think you’re really going to like our easy-on, no-tie laces. HEYDUDE casual shoes replace tedious, long laces with durable, no-fuss elastic ties that look polished and stay in place—without double knots. And if you’re following our tracks here, that makes these sneakers the easiest shoes you’ll ever slip on or off. Mic drop. 

Ready to try on a few pairs? With dozens of colors, styles, and patterns to choose from, it’s only a matter of time before you find your perfect, go-to pair. (Or, pairs.) If this is your first-ever pair of HEYDUDE men’s shoes, you can’t go wrong by trying on the original Wally. Get a feel for the famous lightweight sole, Flex & Fold construction, and easy elastic laces in our most popular low-top moc. Plus, choose from tons of colors like Baja Blanket, Black Shell, or a festive, special occasion-worthy pattern like Jolly Jingle.

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So take your pick and get pumped—your new go-to men’s casual shoes await. Get started by filtering your color, size, and style preferences. And if you don’t see a style you love, check back later in our New Arrivals section to find new styles dropping on the regular.

Because next-level dudes deserve shoes to match.