Women's Platform Shoes



Elevate Your Look with HEYDUDES Comfortable Shoes for Women

Coveting a pair of shoes that support your arches, cushions your step, and adds some style to your stride? Slip on HEYDUDE shoes for women. For comfort you had no clue could look so good, add HEYDUDE shoes to your collection and grace the streets with your new go-tos. 

HEYDUDE shoes are the crowned queen of comfort, spanning best-in-royal-class technology to reign supreme in four key categories: support, ease, weight, and breathability. 

Plush Support

First up: Support. Like your bestie’s shoulder or your Frenchie’s consoling snuggle, outsoles teeming with plush, marshmallowy softness offer your feet endless comfort and support. And while you can find the same dreamy softness in every HEYDUDE women’s shoe, the Platforms are padded with even more of it. Nestled in the extra-tall bottoms lie even more creamy, dreamy inches ready to accompany your every step with delightful comfort and style.

Easy On & Off

The second winning category: Ease. Easy to put on? Easy to take off? Easy to wear? The answer is option D: all of the above. The Platform comfort shoes are woven together with cotton laces that—wait for it—require no tying at all. They’ll stay put for hours to provide flexible stability as you galavant all over town with unparalleled prowess. 

Be warned—once you easily slip your stylish Platforms on, you probably won’t want to take them off. But when the inevitable time comes, toss them off easier than the bride’s bouquet you caught a few weekends ago. No heel digging. No toe swiveling. Just flexibly woven textile uppers that make way for resistance-free filing on the shoe rack. 

In between easily slipping your Platforms on and off, delight in the easiest, breeziest pair of shoes you’ve ever wiggled your toes in. The Platforms come together with breathable, cotton or textile-woven uppers brought barely back down to earth by cloud-soft soles. The easiest five-star rating your feet have ever given. 

Feather-Weight Comfort

Next up: Weight. You might think that the euphoric cotton uppers in these comfortable shoes require a sturdy, heavy bottom. We’ll give you sturdy—but heavy? Anything but. Instead, think about a cross between your favorite memory foam pillow and a marshmallow filled with feathers. Then, think about walking on it. 

That’s our Platform outsole. 

The secret to achieving such a lightweight outsole is its foam material and careful cotton stitching. Foam on the inside and sturdy cotton and rubber on the outside carry you through the elements with ease and make every step feel like the second before take-off on a runway (at the airport and fashion week). 

So when you're seeking an empowering boost to conquer that long shift at the register, gracefully handling every task that comes your way, embrace the luxurious comfort that engulfs each step in your delightful Platforms.

Enjoy Breezy Comfort

Last but not least: Breathability. While many running shoes and other women's comfort shoes utilize synthetic materials, our approach is different. We carefully select premium cotton and other thoughtfully chosen materials for the HEYDUDE Platforms, allowing air to circulate freely. This ensures your feet stay comfortably cool, well-regulated in temperature, and odor-free.

Step Into Style and Comfort

Comfortable shoes must of course feel like a dream, but they should look the part, too. And HEYDUDE Platforms are ready to cast you in your dream role—whatever that may be. With a myriad of colors, patterns, and textures, you’re sure to find your match made in footwear heaven. 

Wendy Rise

Introducing the fan-favorite in HEYDUDE Platforms: the Wendy Rise. This design takes all of the thoughtfully designed comfort, flexibility, and form of the Wendy women’s casual shoe and turns it up a few notches. (Or, inches.) Lift off in classic Black, Boho White, or Grey Lines, and watch as you spring effortlessly toward your goals for the day. 

Wendy Rise Stretch

Love collecting soft, delicate neutrals in your ensemble? Feast your eyes on the Wendy Rise Stretch. In Lilac, Dove, or Lemon, they pair with anything—which is perfect for you as you accomplish your tasks and dazzle rooms by simply entering them. Their poly-knit uppers add a subtle texture that exudes a polished and sophisticated look, making them perfect for social gatherings, school, or the office.

Wendy Rise Eyelet

Changing your middle name to Boho? Pair your darling rattan accent chair and tie-dye tapestry with the Wendy Rise Eyelet. Choose from four irresistible colors—Ballerina, Black, Chapel Bells, or Violet—and fill the room with flowery flair. With a supportive sole and no-tie laces, they’re ideal for summer music festivals, beach weekends, and snagging the last bouquet of sunflowers at the farmers’ market. 

Wendy Rise Chambray

If you’re a classic girl at heart, say hello to the Wendy Rise Chambray. Comfortable shoes with a timeless appeal, they’re fit for looks that never go out of style. Chambray-blended uppers add soft sophistication over modern platform soles for a fashion amalgamation of the century. Sandshell, White Sparkle, or Black will pair perfectly with your classic white tee and faded aviators. Iconic. 

Wendy Rise Tie Dye

When color guides your daily style, find a full spectrum of comfort and wearability in the Wendy Rise Tie Dye. Rivet Tea, Peacock, or Candy tie-dye tones are set carefully into cotton uppers, so unlike the t-shirts you made as a kid, the color won’t come out when you wash them. Maximum comfort meets ethereal vibrancy as your ideal hues blend seamlessly into mega-soft, elevated Platform outsoles.

Wendy Rise Sox

Can’t wait to find the low-rise mocs that let you rock your ankle socks without blisters? The Wendy Rise Sox takes notes from the popular and comfortable Wendy Rise Platforms and dishes out even more ankle height and cushiony support. In Classic Grey or Stone White, rock these breathable, pillowy dreams anywhere you’d wear running shoes or walking shoes—without the ankle pain. 

Shop Women’s Platform Shoes 

Whether you’re looking to lend more arch support to your hard working feet, give your style a lovely lift, or find a pair of shoes as breathable as bare feet, take comfort in knowing that HEYDUDE Women’s Platform Shoes are here to support your every step. Shop our selection today by color, style, and size to find your next go-tos.