Women's Sandals



Welcome the Sun with HEYDUDE Women's Sandals

Here comes the sun! Check out our easy-breezy collection of HEYDUDE women’s sandals and get ready to surf the seas of comfort and style. With 16 unique combinations of color, pattern, make, and materials on deck, we’re confident you’ll find a new favorite summer sandals in our set. You know, the kind of slip-on soulmate that can take you to the beach, the store, and dinner on the same day? 

Women’s Comfortable Sandals 

At the heart of our sandal passion (read: obsession) is a simple belief: you deserve buttery-soft comfort and trend-setting flair. So pack your sunscreen, turn up that summer playlist, and get ready for sandal season with the HEYDUDE crew.

We think women’s sandals should feel like a stroll on a fluffy cloud—no matter how many hours you wear or walk in them. Soft microfiber protects your skin, while a comfy cup cradles your heel and a reinforced cushion supports your arch. Your legs, lower back, and general vibe will totally thank you.

The Gold Standard in Women’s Flip-Flops

Looking for the gold standard in flip-flop greatness? We’ve thought of everything, from that little strap between your toes to the foldability factor. 

Women’s Slide Sandals: The Versatile Upgrade

Armed and ready with similar support and comfort features, our slides come in a range of fun colors and materials. From bright colors to a classy cork-and-boho combo, or the drama of black faux leather to the airy energy of a print, options are the name of your summer game. These slip-on beauties are as versatile as your own personal style—and with a no-slip strap and flex-and-fold packability, your summer vacation just got an upgrade.

HEYDUDE Women's Sandals: The Best Summer Shoes

Now, where to wear the good-looking, great-feeling, all-purpose shoes of your dreams? HEYDUDE women’s flip flops and sandals have that convenient dress-up, dress-down factor. Any warm-weather spot is ready for you to rock your new kicks. And better yet, wear them in any condition—whether that’s an AC-icy room or on your weekend grocery run with socks under the sandals. 

Styling Your Women’s Sandals: From Sundress to Sweatpants

You can pair your sandals with a sundress, cute-casual bag, and bouncy earrings for the perfect lunch look, or don that iron-crisp blouse and make it a dinner date. Take them with you on a stroll around the neighborhood, a trip to the farmer’s market, or your daily walk to the coffee shop. The perfect grab-and-go shoe for a summery vacation, you’ll be wearing them nonstop as you stroll down sandy beaches, lounge by the pool, or sip piña coladas at an outdoor bar. And if the vibe is a stay-in, sweatpants kind of movie night, our sandals are set to be your comfort go-to. Easy to fold and effortless to slip on, HEYDUDE women’s comfort  sandals and flip flops are a smart, stylish addition to your packing list, the newest celebrity in your wardrobe, and a sure-fire way to make your life a little simpler.

Explore the Trendy, Tropical World of HEYDUDE Sandals Today

Explore the trendy, tropical world of HEYDUDE sandals today and find your perfect fit. Whether you’re hunting for slides or flip-flops, sandals for every day, or for an upcoming vacay, our collection of women’s sandals and flip flops checks all your boxes. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with your new shoes! Now kick back, relax, and soak up that sun while you wait for your new summer shoes to arrive.