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Kickback in Style with Men’s Sandals

Sometimes sandals are more than just…sandals. They’re the support systems that move you through the world—from work to play, from beach volleyball to the drinks after beach volleyball. They’re your standbys, your go-tos, your best friends ‘til summer ends. And if they’re really stylish, really comfortable, and ultra-durable, they're your best friends long after summer ends, too.  

The Sami vs The Phoenix

So. Are you a Sami guy, or a Phoenix guy? At HEYDUDE, it’s an age-old question, on par with the timeless “boxers or briefs?” 

On the one hand, it’s hard to argue with the appeal of Sami’s classic V-shape straps and thonged silhouette. A secure foot and free toes? Sign us up. But on the other hand—or other foot, rather—, it’s tough to compete with the ease and simplicity of the low-effort, high-comfort Phoenix slides. 

Before you get too heated in the endless Sami vs. Phoenix debate, we have some good news: It’s okay to flip flop. Whatever sandal—or sandals—you want to sport on any given day, HEYDUDE has you covered with a wide range of super-comfortable, sporty men’s sandals that you and your feet are going to love

The Phoenix Sox Flip-Flop

Looking for a slide that never slips when it comes to style and support? Meet the Phoenix Sox flip-flops, a fan favorite for a reason. Judging by the number of 5-star reviews these sandals have picked up, this one’s a winner. What makes these flip-flops so great? Let’s start off with the mesh-lined footbeds that minimize stickiness and maximize comfort in the sweltering summer months when you need it most. 

Then there’s the look. The Phoenix Sox comes in three distinct color patterns: the sporty Dark Quarry Camo, a red, white, and blue styled version perfect for Fourth of July cookouts, and the Tri Ghost that sports a super-sleek silver. With sizes ranging from 6 to 15, we’ve got plenty of options to make feet of all shapes and sizes happy!

The Phoenix Camo Flip-Flop

Searching for the ultimate in footwear comfort? The Phoenix Camo flip-flops are built with stability and support in mind. These bad boys have a leather-lined footbed and a cotton upper strap that feels like a gentle hug for your feet. The Phoenix Camo comes in two designs, the classic Multi camo and the rugged Tiger Stripe with sizes running from 6 to 15. 

The Phoenix Blanket Flip-Flop

Want something a little off the beaten path? Then you should definitely check out the Phoenix Blanket line of flip-flops. These sandals boast a beautiful pattern inspired by Mexican jorongo shawls that's sure to attract plenty of compliments for your impeccable taste. Perfect for a backyard BBQ with friends, or something simple to slip on for a sunny Saturday on the go around town. The Phoenix Blanket comes in two distinct color patterns: Black Gravel and Blue Canyon. Honestly, we can’t decide which we like best. You might just have to order both!

The Sami Free Flip-Flop

Another favorite in HEYDUDE’s line of men’s sandals is the Sami Free. You want style? Check. How about comfort? Oh, you bet that Sami’s got it. This is a perfect pair of flip-flops for a day at the beach that might just turn into a night of beach bonfires and refreshing beverages. The Sami Free comes in five color patterns. (Count ‘em, five!) From the eye-catching Sox White to the sophisticated Light and Dark Grey options, 

With classic cool Black and confident Navy, there’s a versatile colorway to satisfy every need and taste. Did we mention Sami Free flip-flops run in sizes 7 to 15? That means every dude can enjoy a quality flip-flop made from super breathable material. No blisters—just a cushy feel and constant airflow that keeps your feet as cool as that drink in your hand. 

The Milo Flip-Flop

Still looking for more options? Oh, we’ve got more! In fact, there’s a whole other line of men’s sandals we haven’t even mentioned yet—our newest flip flop, the Milo. How could we forget? In our defense, Milos are so comfortable and so sturdy, you start to forget that you’re wearing flip-flops at all. Try out a pair and see for yourself.

What makes the Milo stand out from the pack? How about a magic combo of extra cushioning, a reinforced arch, and a super comfortable heel cup to cradle your feet so it feels like you’re walking on air? These are the perfect flip-flops for a busy summer day on the go. Plus, the Milo’s elegant simplicity means that you can pair these sandals with any outfit for any summer occasion—beachside, ball game, brewery, you name it. Our Milo men’s sandals come in three crowd-pleasing colors: Sage, Grey, and Brown. 

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So where do you land? Are you a Sami guy, a Phoenix guy, or a Milo guy? Try ‘em out for yourself and let us know. And hey—it’s okay if you don't want to choose a camp. In the end, we’re all really just HEYDUDE guys after all.